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Dark brown heartwood with very close, fine almost black veins. Closely spaced whitish banks of parenchyma give a most attractive appearance. Used for furniture, cabinet work, flooring and interior joinery. Very limited availability


Heartwood is dark brown to almost black with alternate layers of light and dark tissue; sapwood yellowish white & clearly marked. Texture is rather coarse; grain is straight. It weighs 52-62lbs pcf / sg .91


Heavy, dense & has a high bending strength & resistance to shock, w/medium crush strength & low stiffness. Low steam bending classification. Material works fairly well with machine tools and with moderate blunting effect. Nailing requires pre-boring. When filled, it can be brought to a satisfactory finish. It seasons well & rapidly with little degradation.

Main Uses

Flooring, joinery,furniture, cabinetry & general woodworking. An excellent turning wood, Decorative & paneling veneers.


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