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Siberian Larch

Pale red-brown to brick red in colour, with clearly marked annual rings. Used for doors, window frames and flooring


The resinous heartwood is pale red-brown to brick red in colour, with clearly marked annual rings. The wood is straight grained, contains knots, and has a fine uniform texture. Weight about 590 kg/m3 (37 lb/ft3); specific gravity .59.


Air dried timber is about 50% harder than Baltic redwood, and slightly stronger in bending strength and toughness, and similar properties in crushing and impact strengths.

Larch dries fairly rapidly with a tendency to distort and for knots to split and loosen. It may be kiln dried very satisfactorily. There is small movement in service.

The heartwood is resistant and the sapwood moderately resistant to preservative treatment.

Main Uses

Pit props, posts, transmission poles, piles, boat planking, exterior work in contact with the ground. Door and window frames, flooring, staircases, ship building. As larch is harder an tougher than most conifers, it is used in preference where durability and strength are prime requirements. Sliced as decorative veneers.


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