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Medium to dark reddish-brown heartwood. Interlocked or wavy grain with fairly fine texture. Used for furniture, interior and exterior joinery, solid doors and flooring. Description The heartwood has a medium to dark reddish-brown colour, characterised by a well-defined ribbon striped figure on quartered surfaces. Sometimes, when wavy grain is present, a very attractive fiddleback figure, roe figure or occasionally, beautiful mottled figure is obtained. The grain is interlocked or wavy and...  Read more
European Oak
European Oak's heartwood is light tan to biscuit coloured. Used in furniture and cabinet-making Description European Oak's heartwood is light tan to biscuit coloured, usually straight grained, but irregular or cross-grained material can occur depending on growth conditions. Characteristic silver grain figure on quartered surfaces due to broad rays. British and Baltic oaks are tough and hard, weighing 720 kg/m3 (45 lb/ft3), but the Volhynian oak of south east Poland, and even milder oak...  Read more
Medium to dark red brown. Used in joinery and flooring Description The heartwood colour is medium to dark red brown with conspicuous white dammar or resin streaks. Grain is interlocked; texture rather coarse. Brittleheart can be present. Weight from 580-770 kg/m3 (36-48 lb/ft3) average 670 kg/m3 (42 lb/ft3); specific gravity .67 Properties The wood has medium bending and crushing strengths, but the stiffness factor is low and also low resistance to shock loads. Severe buckling occurs in...  Read more
Dark brown heartwood with very close, fine almost black veins. Closely spaced whitish banks of parenchyma give a most attractive appearance. Used for furniture, cabinet work, flooring and interior joinery. Very limited availability Description Heartwood is dark brown to almost black with alternate layers of light and dark tissue; sapwood yellowish white & clearly marked. Texture is rather coarse; grain is straight. It weighs 52-62lbs pcf / sg .91 Properties Heavy, dense & has a...  Read more
Rich dark brown to purplish-black heartwood. Mostly straight grained with coarse texture. Works well. Very durable, mainly used for furniture and cabinetwork, high-class joinery, floors, panelling and gunstock Description Varies from light grayish brown to deep chocolate brown to an almost black purplish brown. The grain is slightly open and usually straight, but may be wavy or irregular. Texture is usually coarse, but uniform. Surface is generally dull, but develops a lustrous patina...  Read more
Golden brown w/o markings. Used in furniture, cabinet making and flooring Description Heartwood is a uniform golden brown w/o markings. Grain is usually straight to slightly wavy. Texture is coarse, uneven & oily to the touch. Weight between 38 & 43lbs pcf / sg .65 Properties Medium bend & high crush strength. Low stiffness & shock resistance. Brittle w/great dimensional stability. Medium steam bending properties. Medium cutting resistance w/severe blunting effect. Must...  Read more
Creamy-white to gray in color, sometimes pale brown or pinkish-brown. Suitbale for framing, boxes and crates Description Heartwood is usually creamy-white to gray in color, sometimes pale brown or pinkish-brown. Grain is typically straight. Texture is fine and even. Weight varies from 23 to 33lbs pcf / sg .45 Properties Low stiffness & shock resistance. Low bend & medium crush. Poor steam bending properties. Sharp, thin cutters are required to overcome the texture and produce a...  Read more
White Oak
Similar to European Oak. Light coloured sapwood with light to dark brown heartwood. Mostly straight grained with medium to coarse texture. Main uses, construction, furniture, flooring, kitchen cabinets, architectural and exterior joinery, mouldings and barrel staves. Description Light tan to pale yellow brown, and may have a pinkish tinge. It is similar to European oak. White Oak is somewhat more figured than Red Oak. The grain is open and the texture is medium to coarse. Weight averages...  Read more
White to light brown sapwood, pinkish to reddish brown heartwood. Mainly straight grained with coarse texture. Named because of red autumn leaves. Used for furniture, flooring, internal joinery, kitchen cabinets and coffins. Description Pinkish to light reddish brown or light brown. The grain is usually straight and open. Red oaks grown in the north are less coarse textured than the faster-grown red oak from the southern states. Large pores tend to produce strong contrast in staining....  Read more
Creamy, white sapwood with reddish brown tinge. Heartwood varies from light to dark red brown. Close, fine texture, generally straight grained. Main uses are flooring, kitchen cabinets, table tops and interior joinery. Description Sapwood is white with a reddish tinge. The heartwood color is uniformly light reddish brown. Texture is fine and even and usually has a straight grain, sometimes curly or wavy. Dries slowly with little degradation. Medium movement. Weight averages about 45lbs...  Read more
Heartwood varies from rich red to reddish brown and darkens on exposure. Sapwood is creamy white. Has a fine straight grain and smoooth texture. Can contain small gum pockets and brown pith flecks. Uses, furniture and cabinet work, high-class joinery, kitchens and mouldings. Description Narrow sapwood is whitish to reddish brown or creamy pink. The heartwood varies in color from reddish brown to deep red. Very sensitive to UV light, and changes to its characteristic reddish-brown,...  Read more
Pale pink-brown heartwood turning to reddish-brown if steamed. Large movement in service and perishable but has vast range of uses including cabinet making, high-class joinery, furniture, chair making, tool handles, turnery and musical instruments. Description Primarily reddish-brown in color & slightly coarse with obvious rays and pores. The grain is straight with a fine, even texture. Weight is approx. 46lbs pcf / sg .74 Properties High crush, medium stiffness & shock...  Read more
Heartwood darkens to deep red brown. Interlocked to rather irregular grain with uniformly moderate texture. Works well and is durable. Main uses furniture, cabinet making, high quality interior and exterior joinery, boat building and musical instruments. Description The heartwood matures from a pink-brown when fresh cut to deep red-brown. The grain is interlocked to rather irregular, producing a wide irregular striped figure on quartered surfaces. Weight varies from 550-750 kg/m3 (34-47...  Read more
Light coloured to nearly white sapwood, light brown to streaked yellow heartwood. Generally straight grained. Greater degree of lighter sapwood in southern grown lumber. Used for furniture, flooring, high-class joinery, tool handles, sports goods and tunery. Description A medium/large tree, reaching a height of 75-100 ft., w/a diameter of 2-4 ft. Color is pale yellow streaked with light brown. The grain is bold, straight and moderately open, and is normally coarse-textured and...  Read more
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